• APRIL 11, 2014: WELCOME SUPPORTERS: We're really excited to announce that Susan and Jim Swartz have joined as Associate Producers! Longtime supporters of independent cinema, Susan and Jim were founding members of Impact Partners, a independent film financing group that has helped produce numerous Sundance award-winners including Born Into Brothels and The Cove
  • APRIL 9, 2014: IT'S A WRAP. We have finished primary shooting of the film in Wyoming! We are still fundraising, and will now move into the early phases of post, with a target finish date of late August to begin submitting the film to festivals. 
  • APRIL 5, 2014: IT BEGINS. Our cast and crew have come to Salt Lake City from around the USA and we begin shooting in Wyoming tomorrow. 
  • APRIL 2, 2014: PREP: We're madly moving trailers, and our art department, headed by Stephen Turner, have been building out or location sets for days...